1. Who we are
  1. At Tenfoot Gardening, we make an active commitment to protecting your personal information. One major means of doing this is by limiting access to this data even within Tenfoot Gardening. Tenfoot Gardening is committed to being transparent, whereby any question in regards to the way your own data is handled, as well as questions as to why we handle the data and what it’s used for are absolutely fine and will be answered openly and honestly. Most of those questions can be answered by reading below.
  2. We are a “data controller” for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and (from 25 May 2018) the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“Data Protection Law”), meaning we’re responsible for, and control the processing of, your personal details and data.


  1. How we collect your details and information
  1. We collect details in a number of ways, including via our website and in person. Our main focus of collecting data is contact details of people signing up to our newsletter and growing their own Tenfoot Garden.
  2. When you message us through our website – we have a contact page on our website. Any and all information placed into that page can be recorded if we see it as reasonable to do so.


  1. What type of information do we collect, and why we use it
  1. Contact details – The only information we take as a necessity to maintain contact with and distribute information to people signing up to the newsletter/subscription.


  1. Legal basis
  1. In some cases, we will only use your personal information where we have your consent or because we need to use it in order to fulfil a correspondence with you.
  2. However, there are other lawful reasons that allow us to process your personal information and one of those is called ‘legitimate interests’. This means that the reason that we are processing information is because there is a legitimate interest for Tenfoot Gardening to process your information to help us to achieve a particular goal. This would show through correlations of data only accessible through legitimate interest processing.
  3. Whenever we process your Personal Information under the ‘legitimate interest’ lawful basis we make sure that we take into account your rights and interests and will not process your personal information if we feel that there is an imbalance.
  4. Other examples of where we have a legitimate interest to process your Personal information are where we contact you about our work via post, conducting research to better understand who our supporters are, improving our services, for our legal purposes (for example, dealing with complaints and claims). We have no intention of using your data for any personal profitable gains, only for making our service more efficient and more beneficial for those who are interested in buying or have already bought gardens/products from our recommended suppliers. While that may mean that any success brings more income, that money goes back into the project.


  1. Sharing your details
  1. The personal information that Tenfoot holds of yours is limited to the information that you’ve given us either through signing up to the newsletter/subscription or buying products for a Tenfoot Garden.
  2. Regarding the sharing of your information, no details will ever be passed on to a political party, nor any within a business sector that aim to profit from that data through marketing or influence.
  3. Legal Disclosure

We may have to disclose your information if we are required to do so by law (if warrants are presented for information in a criminal prosecution, for example)

  1. Marketing
  1. We are now up to date with marketing GDPR regulations and consent has been given by everyone within our marketing mailing list. If you are on our mailing list and want to retract consent, do just email us at, or unsubscribe through one of the links on our emails.


  1. Your rights regarding our data handling
  1. You have various rights in respect of the personal information we hold about you – these are set out in more detail below. If you wish to exercise any of these rights or make a complaint, you make a complaint to the data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office, – Tenfoot Gardening are aiming to produce an in-house complaints procedure soon:
    1. Access to your personal information: You have the right to request access to a copy of the personal information that we hold about you, along with information on what personal information we use, why we use it, who we share it with, and how long we keep it for. For further security, a valid form of identification will of course be needed for this access to be granted.
    2. Right to object: You can object to our processing of your personal information. If you have a legitimate concern about the way we process your data, objection is entirely valid, especially if it’s something where we could improve, though if it’s on the principle of data being used in some way, you may decide that volunteering with a small non-profit like ourselves isn’t the way forward. this service is not for you.
  • Consent: If at some stage you have given us consent to use your data, understand that this is not a commitment to consent, and consent can be retracted at any time.


  1. Rectification: You can ask us to change or complete any inaccurate or incomplete personal information held about you.
  2. Erasure: You can ask us to delete your personal information where it is no longer necessary for us to use it, you have withdrawn consent, or where we have no lawful basis for keeping it.
  3. Portability: You can ask us to provide you or a third party with some of the personal information that we hold about you in a structured, commonly used, electronic form, so it can be easily transferred. This can be especially valuable as a reference for work, for example.
  • Restriction: You can ask us to restrict the personal information we use about you where you have asked for it to be erased or where you have objected to our use of it.
  • No automated-decision making: Automated decision-making takes place when an electronic system uses personal information to make a decision without human intervention sitio web aquí.  You have the right not to be subject to automated decisions that will create legal effects or have a similar significant impact on you, unless you have given us your consent, it is necessary for a contract between you and us or is otherwise permitted by law.  You also have certain rights to challenge decisions made about you.  This is one of the eight personal rights within data law, so it’s worth writing in to our policy, however, we do not currently carry out any automated decision-making whatsoever.
  1. Please note, some of these rights only apply in certain circumstances and we may not be able to fulfil every request.


  1. How long do we hold your information for?

Your information will help us improve Tenfoot Gardening on an ongoing basis unless you contact us to request leaving the mailing list.