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Welcome to Spring Season 2018

Hello Tenfoot Gardeners,


Welcome to our Spring Season!

Thank you for your order; it’s great to have you on board with this pilot season.

Your seedlings are coming on nicely at the farm and all deliveries will be with you shortly. They are a bit later than planned due to the slightly strange weather this year. You can’t control nature eh!


Update from the farm

I visited Frith Farm a few weeks ago to see how the seedlings were growing. I filmed a little interview with Ben to let you know more about their journey.  The first video is below.  Please bear with us we get used to being filmed in the end 😉



For those of you that ordered raised beds from Recycling Unlimited they will have been delivered by now.

The soil mix will be delivered between 23th May and 27th May.

The seedlings will be delivered between the 27th May and 2nd June.  This will be dependant upon when they are ready. We want to provide seedlings at their strongest to give you the best chance of success..

For all the deliveries John will be in touch with you directly to confirm details.

If you have ordered a raised bed, please let us know if you will be growing on concrete or on soil. If it is on soil we advise that won’t need a liner.


Here are a few tips for preparing your space.

We hope you’re enjoying preparing your space for your Tenfoot Garden.  We recommend that you choose a sunny spot for your Tenfoot Garden and orient the front of the bed or growing area to be south facing, towards the sun. This allows all the plants to get maximum light and so best growth.

As the Spring seedlings include climbers; runner beans, broad beans, cucumber and also tomatoes, we suggest you prepare something for them to grow up.  We include the canes with your order to help them get started but you will probably need something stronger for when the plants are more established.  If you do not already have plans for this, we recommend the trellis from Recycling unlimited. The trellis with netting is a less expensive option. If you wish to order this as an add-on please get in touch.

I’ll make sure I add this info to the website so people know in advance for next time.

More videos and info to follow…

Any queries please get in touch.  I’m looking forward to gardening with you all soon.


Zoe 🙂


First Blog post! Hello! :)

IMG_7635Just a quick one to start, but do keep checking back or even better, subscribe, for future posts offering lots of hints, tips and advice. Though it’s only my second year growing my own vegetables, it’s going great and adopting the Tenfoot Gardening system has really helped me get the most from my garden. I’m really enjoying the results and started this site to share my experience and help others do the same mehr infos hier.  It’s a real journey for me and I hope you’ll join me in it!

Zoe X