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Like many people, I’ve always loved the idea of growing my own vegetables, but struggled to find the time.  Not knowing where to start also hampered my good intentions and living in the city, finding space was also a problem mera bonusar.

Moving into Tulip House a few years ago, I had a little more space and a new garden to play with, so thought it was now or never. Looking around for space saving planting methods, I came across the concept of  Square Foot Gardening, a surprisingly simple practice of growing lots of vegetables within a small space.  

Giving it a go, I’ve found it brilliant and perfect for those like me, who might not have too much space, but just love their home grown veg. If that sounds like you, I want to share my experience, so have a look around the Tenfoot Gardening website for help, advice, tips and where to purchase the ingredients for your very own Tenfoot Garden.

Best of luck with your Tenfoot Gardening,


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